There is one time in your life when you feel deeply attached to one person, whose presence can make your heart beats rise, and whose absence can make you go numb and why don’t you share same feelings for some one else, why don’t you feel same for group of people unrelated to either of other two. Do you remember your first infatuation that made you go crazy? Where you a teenager or a grown up adult who understood life and its perspectives? Do you remember the first time you felt you were struck by these notions, which were so strong that they took over your mind? And when you started digging them you came across "Love".

"People from all walks of life are subjected to the phenomena called love. It’s iterative that people share good times and heartaches together living and loving. It can bring both tears of joy and sadness in your life."

Love is the foundation stone of any relationship. There is a residual belief in our society that we naturally know how to give love and get back love but if you look at society’s civilization you will find we still don’t know it, a pretty amazing fact. We have impossible dreams and expectations that are fueled by our desires; we believe there is some one somewhere in this world who is going to fulfill all our dreams, some one who will cherish us who will be there for us forever. This is the point when problem arises due to lack of personal responsibility about your own emotional estate, where you start expecting that a relationship can fill missing part of yourself but it can not fill them, it can not fulfill frustrated career ambitions it can not fulfill loss of job, the only thing it can fill is the relationship part. But despite knowing this fact we still don’t give up our dream; we still want to live in pseudo estate where we expect so much from one person that when these dreams shatter the pain becomes utterly un-tolerable. The most wonderful time in life time of person is his teenage love; this is the age when a child puts his first step on the ladder of life, allured by temptations of this world. But when these teen dreams break life seems to be devastating, some are able to over come, but the wearied fact is that most of the people still remain struck over it. You are still in search of same person with whom you fell in love for the very first time. 
Why do we fall in love? 
What is it that makes you fall in love so desperately with one person? The reason you fall in love with one person rather than another is your search for a character in a mate that you have developed during childhood and as the things progress and you get mature you are in college, or either you have gone through a rampage in relationship, your eyes start searching for that character that has also grown up with you. You meet lot of people who are nicely dressed well mannered and with a decent background you just talk to them but, you don’t get attached to all of them amongst all those people there is one person to whom you get attracted whose presence provoke your inner senses." “That’s the moment world starts revolving around you and a flame ignites and you fall madly in love."

Love, hate and jealous they all are natural phenomena’s that we inherit in our DNA, every one has different brain mechanism in context of thinking and reacting to situations, the basic reasons that makes us fall in love are:-
1.First one is the sexual desire, the natural phenomena that don’t need any reification. 
2.Second one is romantic love that drives you crazy for one person.   
3.Third one is detachment, with calmness and security that you can feel for long term partner.  
 If you love some body you are investing one of the most precious things of your life for that person i.e. "time". And if you love some body and that person is taken away from you, there is sense of betrayal in you and you start believing that you have lost every thing in life.

The notion that we have today about love  and relationship are very new, they did not existed before, relationships are becoming meaningless the ratio between marriage and divorce are nearly equivalent, as marriage was much more fragile a few years ago where your husband would either desert you or die, but in contrast to that times situations, situations today are completely different people prefer to divorce instead of Liquidating there differences. Modern divorce is just considered as a response to society a Para that has always been part of social animals genes.   
Commitments and there future 
Some times there is a question in your mind how can you commit to one thing especially in this fast moving world, it don’t make sense. Love is not a commercial commodity it's a reactive passage, a union a bondage that you share with your partner and that is getting lost in present society and culture. 

Most of the successful Relationships are based on the ethics of our culture which would be commitment, when people are really committed when they put there trust their faith in some one only then they have a foundation to build great relationship. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have that capability to sustain those commitments, but some of us are and that’s a miracle. It is for sure that we can’t live without it.                                                                                                                           
As George Sand once said "There is only one happiness in life –To love and to be loved".

Girish Kumar
18/6/2011 04:43:49 am

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Good job yar

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vishal gud keep it up...
after reading this i m just thinking abt. ur exp.of love...hw deeply u understand feeling of love.

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Nice article sir :)

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